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North Africa & Eastern Mediterranean

  • Egypt

    While in Cairo, make sure to pay a visit to the Egyptian Museum. Here you’ll find the treasures that were unearthed from King Tutankhamun’s tomb.

    When to go: April-October for the best temperatures; November-December for an alternative festive experience.

    Go to Egypt to marvel at the great pyramids of Giza and the ancient temples and tombs along the River Nile, but make sure to discover what else this alluring country has to offer. Watch the sun rise on Mount Sinai, spend time in the colourful capital of Cairo, visit the Valley of the Kings where Tutankhamun’s tomb was found, explore the beaches of the Red Sea Coast, and get to know Egypt’s friendly people. Find out more about seeing Egypt with Insight.

  • Greece

    While in Greece, take full advantage of the array of flavours on offer. Greek cuisine – from crumbing feta and briny olives, to fragrant moussaka and ouzo-steamed mussels – shouldn’t be missed. Be sure to bring your appetite.

    When to go: Greece's Mediterranean climate means that temperatures are good all year round.

    Greece has something for everyone, from sun-worshippers and island-hoppers, to those who crave culture and a healthy dose of history. Ancient ruins seemingly around every corner, delicious food, passionate people, white sand beaches, and opportunities for hiking, climbing and even kite surfing are just a few of the many sides of Greece to be explored. Find out more about seeing Greece with Insight.

  • Israel

    Tel Aviv is well worth exploring in its own right. The modern city is filled with museums, bars, cafes, galleries and restaurants, and offers lively night life and beautiful beaches.

    When to go: November-April for cooler weather in a dry country which allows its incredible history to shine through.

    From the ancient holy sites in Jerusalem, to the modern pulse of Tel Aviv, Israel is a fascinating country to explore. Walk the route Jesus took to his crucifixion along the Via Dolorosa, pass through the Jewish Quarter and Bazaar to the great Western Wall, explore the Valley of Elah, visit one of the beaches that surround the Sea of Galilee, or make your way to Bethlehem to see the famous Church of the Nativity. Find out more about seeing Israel with Insight.

  • Jordan

    Jordan may be steeped in history, but its capital of Amman is more cosmopolitan than you might think and offers a unique blend of ancient and modern attractions.

    When to go: April-November for the warmest climate; December-February for cooler temperatures.

    Jordan is brimming with amazing things to see beginning with the lost city of Petra, a remarkable ancient city carved into sheer rock and recognized as a world wonder. There are also many important biblical sites here, the vast red desert sands of Wadi Rum, well-preserved Greco-Roman remains at Jerash filled with temples, columns and forums; and many spas that take advantage of the well-known healing powers of the Dead Sea. Find out more about seeing Jordan with Insight.

  • Morocco

    Be sure to make your way to the old Medina of Fez, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Step back in time as you get lost amongst the warren of tangled passageways that seem to go on forever.

    When to go: March-November for the best temperatures; December-February for a cooler climate.

    Morocco’s diverse landscape blends snow-capped mountains, the vast Saharan desert and a rugged coastline. Colourfully chaotic cities, unforgettable food, and souks and bazaars brimming with unique finds add to the overall charm of this exotic and not-to-be-missed destination. Find out more about seeing Morocco with Insight.

  • Turkey

    You won’t be bored in Istanbul for a second. Between the array of historic buildings, the museums and art galleries, and the many bars, clubs and restaurants to try out, there’s always something happening in this lively city.

    When to go: May-October for the warmest temperatures; November-December for an alternative festive experience.

    It’s tough not to be awed by Istanbul and its abundance of important historical buildings, but Turkey is about much more than this iconic city. There are white sand beaches, mountains, the white terrace pools of Pamukkale, beautifully unique landscape of Cappadocia, and Ancient Ephesus, the best-preserved classical city in the Eastern Mediterranean – and that’s just scratching the surface. Find out more about seeing Turkey with Insight.

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