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La Serenissima - Venice

What’s New for 2015

Insight has an award-winning heritage of innovation in travel, and 2015 will see us expanding even further on the strong reputation we’ve already built among discerning travellers. This is what we’re calling our “Signature” year, and it’s truly something special. Every Insight vacation on every continent will include Signature Events. These are events handpicked by us, which take you far beyond the traditional tourist-trodden sites to unique places you might not normally get to see. That may mean going behind the scenes at the Vatican in Rome, picking up glassblowing secrets in Prague, or learning to make pasta the Italian way from a local chef in Umbria.

It’s not just events and experiences that we deem ‘Signature.” Unique to Insight guests, ‘Signature’ means created by us to make your vacation an unforgettable one. We have handpicked Signature Hotels, arranged special Signature Evenings, booked Signature Dining in authentic local restaurants, and planned Signature Experiences that only we can bring you.

With 14 new itineraries there’s now even more of the world to discover with Insight Vacations. Learn about the Moorish culture of Andalucía and Morocco; see what awaits you along the country roads of Tuscany, Umbria, the Neapolitan Riviera and Puglia; explore the best of Israel on a fascinating new six-day vacation; travel from Athens through Greece to the Balkans; journey from London to the Channel Islands, Normandy and Paris; and sail the sparkling Dalmatian islands on our luxury 22 cabin motor cruiser.

In 2015 Insight Gold becomes an even more rewarding and relaxing way to travel. Each of our carefully crafted Insight Gold itineraries will be all-inclusive of evening dining, excursions and Signature Experiences so that you can spend more time enjoying yourself while we take care of every last travel detail. Not only that, we’ve added several new vacations to our already-vast list of journeys, from London to Rome, across Iberia and through Bohemia, plus a unique boutique river cruise and land journey through Italy.

Whichever itinerary you choose, be it one that takes you to Europe, India, or some of the most sought-after spots in North America – each journey will ensure you leave with memories that last a lifetime.

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Special Offers

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