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Country Roads

Country Roads of Croatia - Insight Vacations

Perhaps you’re ready to get off the beaten track, and explore a particular destination in a bit more detail? Let us whisk you off along Country Roads – far from the well-trodden tourist trail – to explore hidden retreats and enjoy local produce at its best with Farm-to-Table dining.


  • You are welcomed into the kitchens of zesty ‘Etruscan chef' Lorenzo Polegri, who shares with you his virtuoso cooking skills and love of Italian food. ‘Country Roads of Umbria and Tuscany’.
  • Join your Local Expert in the restored old district of Odense to learn all about the famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, visit the house in which he was born, now turned into a museum. ‘Country Roads of Southern Scandinavia’.
  • Gain a personal insight into a city under siege in Sarajevo, visit the ‘Tunnel of Hope', and talk with a resident who lived through the 44-month blockade and was privy to the city's secret lifeline. ‘Eastern Capitals and the Dalmatian Riviera’

Featured Trips

  • Experience the wild, enchanting coastal routes as you explore the Emerald Isle. Along the way you'll encounter ruined castles, quiet lakes, natural wonders and legendary characters.

  • Fall head over heels for Puglia - an unspoiled, food lover's paradise. See the curious trulli and sparkling white towns, the unique beauty of the Bay of Naples, and the sun-drenched Isle of Capri.

  • Step back in time and immerse yourself in idyllic 17th century Dutch landscapes of gently turning windmills and charming bridges, arching over peaceful canals. Enjoy a slower pace of life with all the comforts of modern touches.



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Special Offers

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